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Posts from October, 2008

Euro-Tour 2008 Overview

Oct 07

Eurotrip Map

The complete Euro-Tour 2008 of Melody and me was divided up into six separate tours. The map above shows all our completed tours, each in a different color. We started traveling as we moved away from Paris on May 10th 2008 and have been traveling until October 1st 2008. But not continuously. We had stops at the Cannes Film Festival, in Bavaria and set up our “headquarters” in Berlin. The latter gave us enough time to rest after a tour and prepare for the next. Additionally we could explore Berlin – East Berlin in particular, that I hadn’t discovered yet for myself and was very important to me.
Each tour was an amazing experience. We made so many new friends along the way and have numerous funny stories to tell. I will go into detail on each of the tours a little in following blog posts.

Our traveling methods included air planes, trains, cars, bicycles and tons of walking. Most of the time we were traveling via train because we purchased a Eurail Ticket. That allowed us to travel 10 times on a train, wherever we want to go. This is only valid for non-EU citizens though. EU citizens have to purchase a similar pass called InterRail. For our accommodations, we tried to avoid boring cultural damaging hotels and used the fantastic Couch Surfing platform many times, as well as local pensions (bed & breakfast) or hostels, if necessary.

Generally, we tried to experience as much as we could from each culture and tried to avoid the typical tourists traps. Important was for us to meet the people, talk to them and explore each country by what they tell us. Some things we saw were planned and some were spontaneous, based on the tips the locals gave us.

It all starts by leaving Paris…